Alfonso’s Breakaway Glass Inc. (ABG)… Has built the world’s largest and most respected breakaway glass and ceramic manufacturing business with one simple, non-corporate philosophy… Treat every customer like a member of the family.

The family owned and operated company, has their authentic and refreshing family FIRST mentality and has allowed ABG to establish themselves as the go-to breakaway GLASS and CERAMIC source for the entertainment industry since 1986, but also ABG has become legendary for their unparalleled customer service. Whether it’s an Oscar winning director, a studio prop master, or a 7th grader making a student film, each and every person that deals with ABG walks away with exceeded expectations and a personalized experience they’ll never forget.

From the moment ABG opened their doors, their old-school work ethic became their calling card and instantly redefined the way the entertainment industry approached the art and business of breakaway glass. By refusing to take shortcuts and sacrifice genuine customer connection, ABG has built a classic mom and pop operation that has not only outlasted the flashy corporate players, but also outperformed them.

While ABG has supplied countless Academy Award winning projects with critical breakaway elements, it is the attention they pay to small budget passion projects and the fact that no order is too small that makes them the overwhelming favorite both locally and abroad. ABG’s core mission is to help everyone’s project become a “smashing” success with the help of their breakaway magic. It is the simple fact that ABG genuinely wants everyone to succeed that keeps their customers winning awards and coming back year after year.

Without spending a dime on flashy advertising or marketing gimmicks, ABG’s reputation as the most honorable and respected breakaway provider has grown in the most authentic and traditional way, by word of mouth. The family behind ABG doesn’t just want you to hear about their work, they want you to have your own experience. In fact, the moment you make the first call to ABG, not only will you speak to a member of the family, you’ll become one.